Basically, I love robots

If someone asked ‘What Kind of Robot Would You Want?’ do you know what your answer would be? This one is easy for me because I adore robots (even the ones people find terrifying) and think about them quite a bit. Also, I hate laundry.

Based on those two things you might have guessed what type of robot I would like.  A LAUNDRY ROBOT! One that would clean, fold, and put up all the laundry in the house. ^_^

I would be a really benevolent robot owner, too. I would make sure it had whatever maintenance it needs and I wouldn’t ever be irritated at it, or kick it, or be mean to it.

I watch a lot of movies that futuristic and it always strikes me how robots are treated. Blade Runner 2049 was a good example of how shitty humans treat robots.

There’s a part of me that feels like robots are people, too.

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