What makes the world go round?

I got my first job at 16 and I’ve been employed since. There’s been MANY career highlights over the past couple of decades but a few interesting ways I’ve made money have been:

Rollerskating car hop @ Sonic (this was my first job!). I was young and cute and made great money from tips. For a first job, this wasn’t bad.

Call center agent for a major healthcare company, explaining how people’s medical benefits were applied to claims. While exhausting, it was nice to help people get past insurance roadblocks. I ended up leaving after three months because I just couldn’t handle feeling like a slave to the desk (not to mention being severely underpaid).

Wine Merchandiser. This was awesome if physically demanding job! I loved the freedom this position provided, I got to drive a company vehicle to various stores through the day where I would stock the wine the distributor shipped to the store on the shelf. It paid well, had great benefits, and I didn’t have to cover a vehicle or gas.

Corporate plant caretaker. A family friend had a business where they installed and cared for (live) plants in office buildings. I enjoy jobs that give me tons of autonomy so even though doing this was mostly a favor to help out a family friend in my free time (I was working from home for myself at the time) I found it an enjoyable (and easy) way to earn money.

By far though the best way I’ve ever earned money is doing what I love and feel like I am good at, which is creating, growing, and nurturing online communities.

One thought on “What makes the world go round?

  1. I feel you on the call center thing…my current life…ugh. Hopefully like you have ill gain the courage and motivation to move on…


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