Update on absence

Totally should have known I wouldn’t be able to stick with anything that required a schedule! lol

I wanted to participate in the blogathon in order to jump-start creativity and not feel so much pressure to write. The pressure is self-imposed, I love reading and I have ideas I think would be great premises for short stories, or maybe even a book. Getting it out of my head on onto paper is the part I struggle with. So I thought maybe a blogathon where it’s just a short burst every day would be a good habit maker.

So maybe we won’t try and write on a daily basis but I do want to spend time creating in some manner and plan on continuing to post here when I get the itch. We’re building a house in the Denver area so I think it would be cool to document that along with my personal thoughts on gaming and streaming culture.

I’ve been playing a ton of FFXIV while we wait for Battle for Azeroth to launch. That’s my gorgeous little BLM, Itme Tea. As far as BfA goes the faction wars have escalated in my YouTube video comments since I’m proudly Alliance.

I got an instant pot during Prime day so I also think this would be a good place to document the recipes I’ve tried or created for that. 🤓

Thanks for stopping by!

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