RIP spotmeplzzz and True

The shooting Sunday at a sanctioned Madden Championship Series competition in Jacksonville, FL should not be used as an opportunity for media to label gaming as “violent”. Let’s not let gaming stereotypes cloud the narrative. The shooting Sunday at a local gaming venue is an indication of young America’s identity issue. Instead of referencing how violent video games CAN be, the narrative should be:

What has gone wrong in our society that young men feel that taking out as many lives before taking their own is the appropriate response to their feelings?

For most, gaming, including competitively, is a ‘safe’ place. On the outside gaming can seem a solitary use of time but inside the game, you’re surrounded by people. And, when you’re very good at your game, you’re exalted. Placed on a pedestal. Losing that place on the pedestal can be tough, on the ego and within the game community.

Some gamers have communities who don’t allow them to forget their mistakes. Summit1G’s hilarious Molotov fail, or Reckful missing lethal at Blizzcon are both examples of this.

So yeah, losing your place on the pedestal sucks but it’s no fucking reason to subject a roomful of people the terror and chaos of a mass shooting. Those are moments that have been taken from them that they will never be able to reclaim or find peace with. 

May the two young men fatally shot yesterday be remembered. I hope their families find peace. 

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