Welcome to Blaugust

One blog a day in the month of august.

Super excited to kick start the blog to announce my participation as a newbie in #Blaugust2019 ! I’m always looking for ways to incorporate writing more into my daily life and a actual, structured blogathon is something I’ve been keeping an eye for. Unfortunately since I don’t participate in the writing community socially I don’t see them pop up very often, but Blaugust is organized by Belghast a gamer and all around interesting person I follow on twitter. Check out his blog over at Aggronaut.com for more info on Blaugust if you’re interested in participating or if you just want to see the most gorgeous screenshots of his gaming adventures in (most recently) FFXIV.

For Blaugust the first week is dedicated to “Planning”. Which quite frankly I really need to take the exercise to heart and do the work to figure out where I want to steer this ship during the month of August. I have a few ideas for formats – video, audio, text but I am still searching for an overarching theme for the month so I’ll try to figure that out next week. Here’s the overview –

I have so much going on in my life right now I know I could easily blog once a day! However, with so much going on I want to make sure my serialized content is cohesive and tells a story since I don’t have much of history with blogging. Right now though here’s a quick list of the various things going on my life I could potentially touch on during August:

  • Career Progression
  • Looking For My Next Opportunity
  • Business Travel
  • Gaming
  • Game Backlog
  • Pets
  • Cooking
  • Community

I also adding a blogroll on the right sidebar that lists everyone participating in #Blaugust2019 ! If you’re visiting from someone else’s Blaugust links thanks for being here. 😊

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