It’s about the challenge

Serialized content is difficult for me. Most likely because I don’t know what I will be inspired by on any given day and it’s very difficult for me to write about any topic if I’m not feeling it in the moment. 

In the spirit of planning week I really want to attempt to plot out a trajectory for the month that makes sense. In part to push myself to think about topics outside of “being in the moment” so that there is an actual sense of progression through #Blaugust2019 – and hopefully development for my writing. If I can’t learn to push through the “blocked” mental state I feel when attempting to write about something I’m not “in the moment” with then how am I ever to finish a paper, or a book?

One idea, the short readings from the Destiny Grimoire, has been implemented and I am dedicated to finding time to record it on a daily basis. Given that this week is devoted to the planning aspect of Blaugust let’s keep true to the spirit of this week and outline how I see this month going. 

Peeping the calendar for inspiration I realize that entire weeks are dedicated to topics I would typically smush into one day each. Understanding I would typically rush through sections that have entire weeks dedicated to them means I need to make sure my workflow reinforces a methodical approach to my topics. I want to ensure my mindset is on the marathon, not the sprint. I also understand that despite my best intentions my brain is wired this way, and it will be difficult for me to focus on planning for entire week.

With pacing in mind I’ve created a google calendar with my topics for the upcoming month so that I have better pacing and focus. Adulting can be tough, so I need to avoid procrastinating until after work to write. Let’s face it, sometimes I’m not in the best head space when I get home from an emotionally exhausting day at work. When I get home finding time to write a daily blog and record the daily audio from the Grimoire simply can’t compete with preparing dinner, spending time with Ian, gaming, etc.

Planning ahead and using the Google calendar (aha, planning) combined with clipping points of interest and roughing out a draft in evernote during the day will ensure I have prepared and don’t need to commit hours to writing one entry.

I’ve never worked in a kitchen environment before, but I watch ALOT of Gordon Ramsey programming so I’ll think of it like prep before dinner service! 


Thanks for coming on this journey with me.

And, of course, Day 2 of Dark Mirror for your enjoyment.

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