It’s official!

A picture of the Auraria campus in Denver, CO
Auraria Campus – 08/01/2019

I never would have thought I would be starting college from scratch in my late 30’s. I am officially enrolled at Community College of Denver as a AA Business major! This program guarantees admission at Colorado University as a part of the “admissions promise” program that Colorado offers. I start classes at the Community College of Denver and then, after I receive my AA, the program 100% transfers to a 4 year program with CU Denver.

Early in life I had to put supporting myself first and then quickly fell in love with entrepreneurship. As my career matured and I fell more and more in love with community as a profession when I began looking for senior positions it quickly became clear I needed to make a larger overall commitment to my career and enter a degree program.

Today I went down to the Auraria campus to speak with my academic advisor and ensure that the classes I registered for were correct. I also was able to get my student ID!

Guys, it’s official! I’M A COLLEGE STUDENT!

2 thoughts on “It’s official!

  1. Congratulations on taking the leap! I’m 33 myself and I’ve also hit that “No paper, no career advancements” wall. I don’t mind for the moment because I have a pretty awesome job, but one day I know I’ll want something a bit more.

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  2. Congrats! Best of luck – going to college with the knowledge of how important an investment education was really a great experience for me (though I was going back a second time in the later 20s when I did). I hope it’s wonderful for you!

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