I almost didn’t

Excuse the mess. I waffled quite a bit on posting a blog today. Mostly because I’m still feeling pretty low. One of the things I like to do when I’m feeling down is pull up a Nick Cage movie and get cozy on the couch.

I played WoW for most of the day – worked on gearing my paladin with low keys and knocked out both wings of LFR. I also managed to get in the first 4 bosses of heroic on my warlock in a Pug that kicked me 30 seconds before killing lady ashvane because the raid leader raged I moved to a coral even though I was 100% DPS’ing the boss the entire time.

Thank god I have enough distance from the game at this point so that type of shit, while incredibly annoying in its petty-ness, doesn’t effect my mood or enjoyment of the game. I sent the RL a quick thanks, rolled more AP (🙄) and left the instance.

That left the paladin at 401 and my warlock at 418 for the day. I’ll probably look for more gearing keys tomorrow on the Paladin. I’m really disappointed at how weak Destro feels in 8.2. I know I took several months off but I’m barely pulling 20k in a raid. It’s bizarre seeing aff and destro at the bottom of the charts.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

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