I can feel my equilibrium returning just in time for the work week. I cooked twice today! We woke up super late so I made breakfast for lunch, eggs and hash browns. Then this evening I made cheese enchiladas with chili gravy, one of the all time favorites recipes I’ve discovered on the NYTimes Cooking section.

Ian surprised me by making pinto beans in the instant pot as a side. This was a surprise because he actually sort of scared of the instant pot (the whole pressure, can explode thing) and avoids it all cost. However, I was busy frying the tortillas and he stepped up to get the beans sorted so that timing wise we wouldn’t have to wait on them. Since we didn’t have any bacon or ham hock on hand, he pulled out the remaining pork butt he had smoked and we threw that in the beans. It came out pretty dang good! GJ, Ian!

This week will be very interesting, I’m flying out Wednesday afternoon for a final with a brand I’ve grown up with. It’s a very exciting opportunity and I plan on spending the first half of the week prepping for meetings on Thursday with them.

I did a few gearing dungeons on the Paladin today, including a Mechagnon run! I happened to be in the right place at the right time in guild chat. That run would have been impossible with a pug at my ilvl. Unfortunately I didn’t move the needle much on the ilvl, we’re just up to 403, but maybe I will get lucky on rolls and have something titanforge.

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