Blaugust & Community

I’ve really been enjoying the Blaugust event so far, not because of my own writing, but because of how great this community has proven itself to be. Even this early on its been a pleasure to be involved. Reading blogs, posting comment replies, and while it’s not something I’ve done just yet the event has had people exchanging blog posts on the topic of raid mechanics.

As a blogging newbie this round these past few days of activity have opened my eyes to the community aspect of blogging. It’s especially nice to see all the different types of gamers represented in the event. I even saw a blogger who is involved in second life, I’ve always felt so alone in my interest in SL. I’ve had a avatar for the past ten years, logging in to update her outfit and decorate the house I keep.

I’m hoping I’ll find the thread that will tie this all together for me. Find out what my niche will be. It all still feels very up in the air right now but I am holding confidence that I’ll find a rhythm to fall into at some point this month. In the meantime here’s the latest list of participants, click a random link and discover someone new (to you!).

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