My last meeting of the day yesterday was actually a surprise happy hour thrown in honor of my first workiversary. This was super cool but ended up eating several hours of a normally peaceful evening. By the time I got home, I felt like a truck hit me and immediately went to bed. So, forgive me for the late entry for Wednesday, March 7th. 

My favorite word is Minutiae. Not only because of the wonderful mushy feeling as it rolls off your tongue, but also because I feel like it represents what I find beautiful in just about everything.


It involves a bed (of course)


Today’s topic for the #createblogathon is actually a difficult one because I don’t think I know what my perfect day would be. There’s so much I want to do vacation wise but I haven’t been able to experience yet.

However, I can think of nothing more relaxing than a day with absolutely nothing to do, a soft bed, a water view, and a good book.

An unaimed arrow will hit any target

The first manager to take an interest in me told me this when I let her know I was leaving my lead position. At the time I thought what she said was bizarre but the phrase stuck with me and has resonated with increasing volume as years have gone by. I loved the company but I wasn’t happy with the position I was in. This wasn’t because of factors she knew of though, it was because in my heart I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t think I could make a stable income doing it. Or maybe I just didn’t believe in myself. Maybe both. However, this quote said to me by someone I deeply respected, prompted for me to reflect on exactly what my target was which in turn led me to realize how far I was from it. The gradual process to align with that target started almost 5 years ago and only recently began zeroing in on the bullseye.

Now, after several years, I think I understand what she was trying to say to me.

Ode to dogs in my life

Magnus VerMagnusson

Magnus, Magus
You’re so fair
Magnus, Magnus
Stiff white hair
Magnus, Magnus
So fat and round
Magnus, Magnus
You make my heart pound

Mordecai VerMagnusson

Mordecai, little dog
No idea how smol
Likes to run big and tall
Little, little, little dog

LeeLoo VerMagnusson

Leeloo so brave and fair
Loves to lick all the hair
Take a shower, come out and find
Brown dog waiting on other side

Bertha VerMagnusson

Bertha, not the smartest dog
Bertha barks, nips, and prods
Bertha knows no finesse
Wants to jump and sit on your chest

What makes the world go round?

I got my first job at 16 and I’ve been employed since. There’s been MANY career highlights over the past couple of decades but a few interesting ways I’ve made money have been:

Rollerskating car hop @ Sonic (this was my first job!). I was young and cute and made great money from tips. For a first job, this wasn’t bad.

Call center agent for a major healthcare company, explaining how people’s medical benefits were applied to claims. While exhausting, it was nice to help people get past insurance roadblocks. I ended up leaving after three months because I just couldn’t handle feeling like a slave to the desk (not to mention being severely underpaid).

Wine Merchandiser. This was awesome if physically demanding job! I loved the freedom this position provided, I got to drive a company vehicle to various stores through the day where I would stock the wine the distributor shipped to the store on the shelf. It paid well, had great benefits, and I didn’t have to cover a vehicle or gas.

Corporate plant caretaker. A family friend had a business where they installed and cared for (live) plants in office buildings. I enjoy jobs that give me tons of autonomy so even though doing this was mostly a favor to help out a family friend in my free time (I was working from home for myself at the time) I found it an enjoyable (and easy) way to earn money.

By far though the best way I’ve ever earned money is doing what I love and feel like I am good at, which is creating, growing, and nurturing online communities.

The answer is, the little things.

Personally, I believe “happy” is subjective. However, if you asked me what makes me happy I would say the following things:

My husband, Ian
Kissing mythic bosses in World of Warcraft
Hobonichi journaling and collecting Japanese pens
Watching movies at home in my Cordaroys sac chair. Adulting at it’s finest.

What makes you happy?

Basically, I love robots

If someone asked ‘What Kind of Robot Would You Want?’ do you know what your answer would be? This one is easy for me because I adore robots (even the ones people find terrifying) and think about them quite a bit. Also, I hate laundry.

Based on those two things you might have guessed what type of robot I would like.  A LAUNDRY ROBOT! One that would clean, fold, and put up all the laundry in the house. ^_^

I would be a really benevolent robot owner, too. I would make sure it had whatever maintenance it needs and I wouldn’t ever be irritated at it, or kick it, or be mean to it.

I watch a lot of movies that futuristic and it always strikes me how robots are treated. Blade Runner 2049 was a good example of how shitty humans treat robots.

There’s a part of me that feels like robots are people, too.