Late to the party

Screenshot courtesy my BFF, Saidir.

I picked up No Man’s Sky a couple of weeks ago and oh em gee have I been having fun. The game does a wonderful job encapsulating a limitless feeling of adventure and exploration. I’ve been happily wandering through the galaxy with my bestie, Saidir.

So far, my favorite activities to do in the game are:

  1. Speak to any NPC I come across to learn as much of the languages as I can
  2. Find every buried tech and knowledge stone on my visor 😀
  3. Work through the main campaign, the Artemis storyline

I am playing on PC but I use a controller to play as I just find the keyboard controls tedious compared to console. I even ordered a new, customized Scuf controller just for my NMS sessions!

Are you playing NMS? What are your favorite things to do in the game?