On the topic of doing what you love

I’ve been exploring the job market recently for senior positions available in the community space. I love my job, however, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for exciting opportunities. There are quite a few in the community space available which is super exciting. Not just for me but for the industry as a whole and those who choose to specialize in community work as a profession.

I’ve had the pleasure to have a few conversations with brands I personally admire, some I’ve grown up with. A couple of times those conversations have turned into fulfilling years of my life working alongside them. I absolutely appreciate the years of professional development it’s taken to get the point I could have those conversations and opportunities.

There is one insight that changed the entire trajectory of my career, opening the door to those opportunities.

Whatever it is you love, or is special to you, make it a core to who you are, fully embrace it. If it’s something you can incorporate into your profession, focus on it and build strengths around it.


Hey, I get it. I remember the days of receiving this advice and thinking how UNHELPFUL it was because how tf do I know what I want to do? It’s okay, when someone shares this tidbit with you we’re not asking you to plan out the next 10 years of your career. Knowing you make awesome drinks all of your friends feel special when you have a party and you love discovering new mixology recipes, it’s a part of your identity! Embracing your inner mixologist can provide you with the framework for development areas opportunities you can take to hone your skills. Or if it’s not something you want to make a profession out of then it can just be a great party favor you bust out every now and then.